0or0 | The Oil For Apes Scandal

Palm oil, a vegetable fat is extracted from the fruit of palm trees is treated and used for a variety of products including many processed foods, biodiesel and fabric conditioners. In fact, 1 in 10 supermarket products contain this tree-felling, wildlife-wrecking ingredient. Under current licensing and marketing laws, product branding only has to state vegetable fat but not the source or specifically the type. For example, it’s in our favourite bread (Warburtons, Hovis and Kingsmill), our butter (flora and clover), our cereal (Special K, Crunchy nut cornflakes), Cadbury’s and galaxy chocolates, dove soap and Persil. These are only examples, never mind supermarkets’’ own brands and all other products. We are all in fact eating a small slice of the rainforest, specifically Sumatra and Borneo which has one of the largest biodiverse ecosystems on earth until now.

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