Tracking a Stalker (@exposelies2)

Tracking a Stalker (@exposelies2)

Update 15 Feb ’21 some more screenshots of @exposelies2 stalking for months, while she hides her own identity – albeit rather poorly – behind a fake account.





the evidence speaks for itself: @exposelies2 has a peculiar fetish for masturbation, is desperate to find evidence of me being paid by the palmoil industry (I’m not), loves to bodyshame, and posts a plethora of shallow ad hominem & insults

Update 2 Feb ’21 | What did @exposelies2 do in Faversham yesterday?

Find out more here.



on 9 January 2021 @exposelies2 accessed this website 17 times and tweeted details from it
on 17 January 2021 @exposelies2 accessed this website 9 times and tweeted details from it (click for more details)

Update 29 Jan ’21 | Proponents of @exposelies2 argue that I’m stalking her and she should report me to the police. So let’s be clear about who is stalking who!

verification of the IP addresses linked to the above screenshot is verified in cooperation with the authorities, click here for more info

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