Palm Oil Detectives: crude, erroneous & prejudiced

Palm Oil Detectives: crude, erroneous & prejudiced

LIE: ‘The biggest thread to #biodiversity‘ (archive)

Dennis, 2022 (

Athena relies heavily on web intent URLs (a.k.a. click-to-tweet links and tweet buttons) to have her followers retweet her conspiracy theories for her. These URLs so reflect her knowledge of palm oil and the RSPO: crude, erroneous & prejudiced. big brands cease %23deforestation completely I am going %23palmoilfree. I boycott supermarket brands %26amp%3B %40RSPOtweets members destroying rainforests for %23palmoil %23meat %23soy sending animals %23extinct! I’ve joined the %23Boycott4Wildlife& %2F11%2Fpalm-oil-free-brands%2F&via=palmoildetect (emphasis added; archive)

Athena clearly is aware of the need for URL code (see her link above), as she uses it for hashtags and commas (emphasized through bold). However, she fails hard at URL coding for (e.g.) spaces (emphasized through underline) and erroneously uses HTML code for the ampersand (emphasized through strike-through).

Athena is infamous for her crude typos and erroneous tags (archive)

Last but not least, Athena regularly tags the wrong accounts on social media, thus harassing accounts with no ties to palm oil (such as the struck-out accounts in her click-to-tweet link above).

The plethora of crude typos, incompetent coding – which remain in use for well over a year (see e.g. the tweet right) – and prejudiced views reflect Athena’s crudeness, incompetence & prejudice. The same crudeness, incompetence & prejudice Athena applies to complex issues, like oil palm cultivation.

a plethora of examples expose Athena’s crude typos (like the ‘#Boycott#Wildlife‘ above) and erroneous coding

Crude typos (a.o.) include:

Incompetent coding (a.o.) include:

Prejudice towards Twitter accounts (a.o.) include:

  • @Avon: an IT specialist from New Zealand,
  • @Ferrero: an individual from Macau, and
  • @Mars: a musician from the USA.
Athena’s crude errors – like the erroneous ‘<br>‘ in this tweet (archive) – have remained on her site since August 2021

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