Bart’s Law: Soto Padang Kobana, Bogor (Indonesia)

Bart’s Law: Soto Padang Kobana, Bogor (Indonesia)

Ever wondered why the nasi goreng tasted like s&%t in Manjare, ever got the s&%t from eating at Bogor Permai? Been there, done that! My culinary experiences in and around Bogor led me to my own law: there is an inverse relation between atmosphere of a place and the quality of its dishes. In layman’s tongue: the fancier the place, the worse the food. And ye, behold, my eye fell on the lowest of the lowest eateries of Bogor, the warung. Here I found my favorite foods in true Indonesian atmosphere. Some of these little places deserve the attention from the expat scene. So, here’s my impression of the best of the “worst”, only available at!

A quick rule of thumb on picking a warung: do a drive-by an hour early and check out the customers. If there are many, it’s a potential gold mine. If there’s still a fair amount of customers after you return an hour later, you’ve hit the mother load. Food is definitely good here, and the turn-over is fast enough to minimize lethal bugs.

Your warungologist,


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