[LINK] A Hidden Room at the Guggenheim Will Transport You into a Soundless, Sublime World

Doug Wheeler: PSAD Synthetic Desert III; on view 03/24/2017-08/02/2017; The architectural modification of an existing room allows the artist to achieve subtle manipulations of light, space, and sound. The Guggenheim installation, produced in close collaboration with the artist, will be the first time Synthetic Desert—or any work in this series—has ever been completed and shown.

Wish there was such a room in/near Jakarta…

Tucked away on the Guggenheim’s seventh floor, in a tiny room accessible only to visitors who pass through a red stanchion and three heavy doors bearing industrial locks, lies one of the museum’s most mind-bending shows in recent memory.

It’s not imposing or loud like some of the big, buzzy exhibitions that have occupied the museum’s spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda in the past. Doug Wheeler’s “PSAD Synthetic Desert III,” up through August 2nd, is a different kind of sensory experience: one decidedly quieter and altogether more transportive.

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