This comprehensive set of manuals – for producers, processors and auditors – covering all relevant RSPO requirements in detail, now available in hard copies (USD 350/set) and soft copies (USD 250/set). Hard copies can be personalised to your own company, including your company logo and editorial pages. This will be of particular interest for Volume 2.1 for circulation to smallholders and independent growers as part of a group scheme!

  • RSPO P&C Certification for Oil Palm Growers and Oil Mills (Volume 1)
  • RSPO P&C Certification for Group Managers, Independent Growers and Smallholders (Volume 2)
  • RSPO P&C Certification for Smallholders as part of a group scheme (Volume 2.1)
  • RSPO Supply Chain Certification for the Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Supply Chains (Volume 3)
  • RSPO P&C and Supply Chain Certification for the Certification Bodies and Auditors (Volume 4)

Contact bart[at]auditor[dot]id for inquiries and special offers.

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