Bart W van Assen

An Indonesianist for over two decades, Bart has an extensive track record covering all disciplines of sustainability (prosperity, people & planet). He is endorsed as Quality Panel Member by the High Conservation Value Network and the High Carbon Stock Approach, as independent trainer by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil and as Certification Coach by The Borneo Initiative. He is co-founder of KAYON (each tree matters) and Technical Adviser with the Orangutan Land Trust.

Bart cooperated with various enterprises as an associate and a freelancer, including Control Union Certifications, Double Helix Tracking Technologies, Gaia Commoditas, Global Forest Watch, the Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute, Scientific Certification Services, the Tropical Forest Foundation Indonesia and the Zoological Society of London. He currently supports KAYON, a start-up initiative piloting a ransom-a-tree approach to (tropical) rainforest conservation.

This Van Assen coat of arms was one of our moms prized possessions. It likely is a rip-off by a confidence trickster, a good reminder not to fall for such sillynes.