JHHH 50th Anniversary Run

JHHH 50th Anniversary Run

Run # 2838, Saturday 29th October 2022, 2.00pm; Hares: Fartacus, Kneel Down & Sore Rail; Location: The Little Heaven, Tugujaya, Cigombong

Take the Jagorawi toll road towards Ciawi and use the right-most toll booths at Ciawi. This allows you to take the counter-flow lane onto the Bocimi Toll Road and avoid the traffic jams towards the Puncak Pass. Continue along the Bocimi Toll Road until it ends at Cigombong. Zero your odometer at the Cigombong Toll Booths and continue up to the Bogor-Sukabumi road. Turn left at the traffic lights (0.7 km) and after 500 m turn right onto Jl Benteng (1.3 km). Take this road uphill until you pass Alfamart Benteng (3.9 km) and turn right 50 m after it. Follow Gg Cipetir/Jl Tugu Jaya for about 2 km and turn left onto Jl Cibogo (6.1 km). Follow this road uphill for about 1 kilometre and turn left onto the access road to The Little Heaven (7.3 km).

These links should keep everyone on the right road between Cigombong Toll Gate – The Little Heaven:
1) Cigombong Toll Gate – The Little Heaven
2) The Little Heaven – Cigombong Toll Gate

Many thanks to the 3 hares and everyone else involved in making this a great event. What a turn out! 👏🏼👏🏼 JH3 50 YEARS 💪🏻 See you all tomorrow … and Monday!

Fuckwit, HM JHHH

Song by the hares: Farm Song, by Roy Chapman

Well he’s farmer McDonald and he’s farmer Giles,
To be here this evening they’ve come bloody miles,
But they don’t mind it they’d walk any where,
Just to have a sniff of some fresh count-ry air.
Now Giles is a shepherd like little Bo-Peep,
The only thing different is he fucks all the sheep,
And McDonald raises cattle, doesn’t do things by halves,
He never fucks the sheep but he buggers the calves.
Oh he’s farmer Mc Donald and he’s farmer Giles,
When people walk by them they give them such smiles,
They think they dress funny and we hear them say,
They look a right pair of count-ry bumpkins don’t they.
They say its delicious, not something to waste,
If you’d ever tried it you’d know how it tastes,
I rush home at night, find I barely can wait,
To have a bit of count-ry food on my plate.
Now Giles went a courtin with Little Bo-Peep,
He lifted her dress up while she was asleep,
He pulled down her stockings and her knickers of lace,
Just to stare at that count-ry smile on her face. 
McDonalds been married for forty odd years,
When he thinks of his wife, it brings him to tears,
She’s fat and she’s ugly and carries a knife,
He wishes he could change the old count-ry life.
We have lots of milk maids with Su Su Besar,
We give them a wave as we pass in our cart,
They sit pulling on cows tits, wearing little short frocks,
Oh how we wish they would pull on our – socks.
Well he’s farmer McDonald and he’s farmer Giles,
We hope that you you’ll visit the fair British Isles,
If you’re not convinced yet, how good it will be,
Then you’re a far bigger count-ry bumpkin than me.
He’s farmer Mc Donald and he’s farmer Giles,
To be here this evening they’ve come bloody miles,
But they don`t mind it they’d walk any where,
Just to have a sniff of some fresh count-ry air.
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What a marvelous SATURDAY. The highest appreciation to ALL organizers incl. ALL trailsetters for such an unforgettable day in the jungle! On top of all that, to catch up with ALL THE OLDTIMERS, coming in from sooo far!


Open the JH3 Run 2838 50th Anniversary Scribe Report in a new tab.

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