Mahakam River, East-Kalimantan, Indonesia (2013)Various certification bodies (2003 – ongoing)
Freelance (lead) auditor, certification decision-maker, and technical expert for third party certification and legality verification.

Zoological Society of London, Consultant (2015 – 2016)
Forestry Expert: prepared the Inception Stage of the South Sumatra Sustainable Landscape Management Project.

The Borneo Initiative, Compliance Coach & Auditor (2009 – 2016)
Case-writer ‘Cost of Certification: FSC’ (2016), Compliance Coach: assist forest management enterprises to achieve voluntary certification. Internal Auditor: perform due diligence investigations on candidate forest management enterprises.

Partners since 2009FSC Netherlands, Case Writer (2009)
Assisted in the selection of 10-14 forest concessions in Borneo, and identification of constraints and possibilities for certification.

Sumalindo Lestari Jaya, Technical Advisor (2008)
Technical advisor on restructuring the company’s CSR activities under a single (non-profit) organization and preparing an action plan towards FSC certification for its timber plantations.

The Indonesian Natural Resource Institute, Team leader Heart of Borneo Concession Audits Project (2005)
Determined forest quality through forest audits and log tracking from concession to the international markets.

FAO/RECOFT, Case-writer (2004)
Case-study on ‘Diamonds are forever? Case study No 34, Diamond Raya Timber, Riau (Indonesia)’. In: Excellence in forestry, FAO 2005.

Global Forest Watch, Case-writer (2004)
Assisted an inventory of Indonesian NGOs involved in forestry and researched the impact of certification in Indonesia and the awareness of these impacts among its major stakeholders.

SmartWood Asia Pacific Office, Coordinator KPS (2003)
Coordinated promotion, awareness-raising and training for FSC and LEI certification and HCVF identification for the Forest Certification Group (KPS).