The Bakmi Brigades: bayar kacang – dapat monyet

The Bakmi Brigades: bayar kacang – dapat monyet

demo-ahok4Quite regularly I have to smirk at photos of the umpteenth demonstration in Jakarta. In most instances, the actual demonstrators can be counted on two hands. But to give an some suggestion of grandeur, the Bakmi Brigades are called in; lookers-on, motorcyclists, undercover police and more join the “fray” to get their faces in the newspapers.

Indonesia has it’s own term for these opportunists, ‘Pasukan Nasi Bungkus’ or Rice Wrap Troops, who are on-call for a few bucks a day. However, don’t expect too much of them, as the following example (in Bahasa Indonesia) shows:  Pasukan Nasi Bungkus Yang Ikut Demo Tolak Ahok Hanya Duduk-duduk, Orator Marah….!!

Indeed, the peanuts-monkeys saying is still much so the case!

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