Can forest conservation and logging be reconciled?

Hmmm, photoshopping satellite imagery to make it look “greener” – and suggesting there’s virgin “rainforest” there – is a known issue. Using outdated concession boundaries to suggest a concession is logging in protected areas last year scared off a ministerial visit. And the person contracted to compile all this BS – for a well known anti-forestry super-brand – happily admitted to my face that these falsifications are acceptable practice as they generate funds for more anti-forestry activities. The contractor’s boss even went so far to suggest that their “illegal” actions are far less severe as the “illegal” actions by concessionaires. (Neither seemed worried that most laptops can also act as a recording device *evil grin*)

My point: attributing ‘fairness driven’ to forestry protesters is a rather romantic (and perhaps even discriminating) view. It’s a dirty “game” and both sides “play” dirty…

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