Savage Nobles – @exposelies2

Savage Nobles – @exposelies2

#PalmOilGate is a series of investigative posts about the fake claims online that attack proponents of sustainability initiatives, including the Forest Stewardship Council and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The strengths and weaknesses of the voluntary standards by these initiatives are well covered by science. However, various online accounts are used to polarise public perception with shallow lies and fake facts.

Update 30 Apr ’21: identity confirmed

After a failed attempt by @exposelies2 to report me with Twitter, the stalking has started again. This time from China but always this particular page that is accessed. However, the local police has put me in touch with one of their cyber crimes specialists and they dug up some interesting stuff. He confirmed that the  IP addresses covered in the Jan 29 update are not used by VPN providers. This confirmed that the claims about using a VPN (see image right) are post-hoc excuses to try and deflect and that @exposelies2 was − and still is − extremely worried over the legal repercussions.

A special thanks goes to @exposelies2 for unlocking the account again. It gave us the opportunity to check an older tweet about wildlife ponds. It provided the additional evidence needed, as Google Maps shows the address I have has indeed two ponds.

Update 29 Apr ’21: Twitter accounts suspension lifted

Twitter decided to lift the suspension of both my Twitter accounts (@bartwvanassen and @wildlingrocks) after clarifying why they were suspended:

In the meantime, numerous troll accounts associated with @exposelies2 have been suspended by Twitter:




Update 15 Feb ’21: stalkers will stalk

Below are some more screenshots of @exposelies2 stalking for months, while she hides her own identity – albeit rather poorly – behind a fake account.




The evidence speaks for itself: @exposelies2 has a peculiar fetish for masturbation, is desperate to find evidence of me being paid by the palmoil industry (I’m not), loves to body-shame, and posts a plethora of shallow ad hominem & insults.

Update 2 Feb ’21: Mass Twitter Reporting Incoming


Update 31 Jan ’21: stalking from Faversham yesterday

@exposelies2 visited Faversham

Update 29 Jan ’21: looks who’s stalking

on 9 January 2021 @exposelies2 accessed this website 17 times and tweeted details from it
on 17 January 2021 @exposelies2 accessed this website 9 times and tweeted details from it (click for more details)

Proponents of @exposelies2 argue that I’m stalking her and she should report me to the police. So let’s be clear about who is stalking who!
Verification of the IP addresses linked to the above screenshot is verified in cooperation with the authorities.


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