How (not) to solve complaints, part 1: audacious replies

How (not) to solve complaints, part 1: audacious replies

The unexpected attention for my earlier post ‘How (not) to solve a complaint‘ – 500+ views by 300+ accounts – led to strong reactions, mainly of support. Numerous parents I spoke to claimed that their child was also bullied at Sekolah Bogor Raya, and I have the bad feeling that this is just the top of the iceberg!

One case in particular drew my attention, as it closely fits with my own experiences. Did I already mention how my son’s (third grade) teacher threatened him to be sent back to first grade? (I raised hell with the school’s administration for this malpractice by the teacher.) Well… this particular case goes above and beyond the sheer stupidity of “my” teacher and concerns the systematic bullying of a pupil by a higher grade “tutor” and his teacher.

The documents provided by the parent cover – a.o. – the pupil’s (intensive) counseling and written apologies by the school, the teacher and the “tutor” (read bully). Clearly this was a fundamental breach of procedures and safeguards that Sekolah Bogor Raya should have in place. The details still give me goosebumps, and will need some time to cover them in a more objective manner.

For the moment, let me focus on the – once again – exemplary (c)rude reaction from Sekolah Bogor Raya: [if] you do not trust his teachers or the management systems in place. I think it is probably time for you look at the other options for *****’s education (see images below). Note once again the lack of salutations in  communications (covered in more detail in my previous post).

Seriously, after fundamental failures to safeguard pupils from bullying the “Academic Advisor” still has the audacity to challenge the parent for any mistrust of Sekolah Bogor Raya? Clearly, reps of Sekolah Bogor Raya have a fundamental lack of empathy and expertise to provide a safe environment for students. And with passive-aggressive and audacious replies, the “Academic Advisor” prefers critics of the school to be outside of the tent (pissing in). So be it, let the pissing contest commence!


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