Savage Nobles – Ken Cha

Savage Nobles – Ken Cha

Savage Nobles is a series of investigative posts covering grifters that savagely attack sustainability initiatives, including the Forest Stewardship Council and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, and their proponents over their ”Noble” cause. The term ‘Savage Noble’ is a play on the mid-eighteenth century’s romantic yet racist construct of the “Noble Savage” (Ellingson 2001), which ‘has turned green and appeared on the frontline of a very modern propaganda offensive’ (Whelan 1999). Savage Nobles use similar rhetoric constructs to black-wash sustainability initiatives and so polarise the public perception towards their ”noble” cause.

Several of the ‘Savage Nobles’, including their biggest fool (@coolrunning2009), decided that I’ve ties to a Canadian motor club because … I like flying kites in Indonesia. Hilariously stupid!

Apparently, flying kites in Indonesia
… makes me a member of a Canadian Brotherhood MC according to Ken Cha.

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