Plagiarism is #careerGrifter @creativeathena’s middle name!

Plagiarism is #careerGrifter @creativeathena’s middle name!

Research: Forests are more important to the climate than we think . The heart of the tropics is at the heart of the planet. Forests are critical for our survival. #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife (mirror)

Dennis, 2022 (Palm Oil Detectives)

Athena is regularly caught copy-pasting materials that don’t belong to her, as exposed by her Twitter “Bane”: @apes4forests. The account notes that the original text concerns a recent news release with clear copyright claims with it as well as on the associated website (see tweet right).

You may not download, reprint, reproduce, republish, transmit, or otherwise distribute Website Content or User Submissions in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use, without the prior express written permission from EurekAlert! and AAAS.

American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2022

Note that Athena not only plagiarised her post, but also adulterated the main points of its news release and the full paper: neither of which mentions palm oil! Athena sneaks that into the adulterated version on her website to falsely suggest support for her call to boycott palm oil.

Plagiarism is #careerGrifter @creativeathena’s middle name!‘ (archive)

Anonymous, 2022 (
[Athena] was ”creative” again, with copyrighted materials this time
Athena has scrubbed both (mirror) and the associated WordPress account (mirror) after being exposed as the individual behind Palm Oil Detectives

according to this report by the World Health Organisation‘ (archive)

Dennis, 2022 (Palm Oil Detectives)

Athena blatantly lies about the above source: it is neither a report nor by the WHO! Her source is a peer-reviewed paper in ‘fully open-access journal of public health with a special focus on low and middle-income countries‘ (emphasis added): the Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

The @RSPOtweets failed to resolve 100+ complaints on #deforestation #humanrights abuses‘ (archive)

Dennis, 2022 (Palm Oil Detectives)

Athena wholly adulterates the main points of her source above! The original source notes that ‘21% of 141 cases‘ – or 30 complaints – ‘are still under investigation‘! It also notes how the process is imperfect and many complaints fail to provide supporting evidence.

Another example of Athena’s plagiarism is the copyrighted(!) post by Science News above that she pasted into her own blog (mirror), while neither acknowledging nor linking the original material.

Read more here: Savage Nobles – Palm Oil Detectives

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