Run #2084 – Mud Crushers & Wave Hashers

Run #2084 – Mud Crushers & Wave Hashers

Date: 6 November 2018
Place: Situ Tonjong
Hares: Caveman & Leo (long), SpiceGirl, Katrin & Charlin (short)

Rehash: not available (yet); images available here

Run #2084 (SITU TONJONG)
Date : November 6th, 2018
Time : 16.45 (be punctual, please)
Place: Indomaret Bilabong
Long hares: Caveman, Leo
Short hares: Spice Girl, Katrin, Charlin
ETA: 35 mins from Baranangsiang Terminal (extra 10 mins in case of heavy downpour, due to inundated road)

How to get there:
1. From BBT take the tollroad towards Jakarta, and take the first exit at Sentul Selatan gate.
2. Then continue west towards/on Bogor Outer Ring Road (BORR) until the end at Taman Yasmin.
3. Take the exit and onto Jalan Baru and zero your odometer in front of Lotte Mart (km 0.0) at the traffic light.
4. From Lotte Mart traffic light, slide right on to Jl Raya Kemang.
5. Continue straight until you come to the traffic light at Salabenda junction (km 5.8).
6. Just keep straight on to Jl Ry Parung and you’ll see Balai Sahala Martua (6.6) and then a horse statue on your left (7.7)
7. Take the nearest U-turn (Mitra Karya Sukses hardware shop) and Perum Bilabong is 300 meters away.
8. Go past the security check at the gate and follow the concrete paving road, go through another portal gate until you see ubiquitous vendor stalls at the roundabout.
9. Turn left at the roundabout then turn right. The on on site is just on the left side.
Beware: Google Maps app will lead you through Jl. Kayu Manis which takes longer to arrive.

1. From Tugu Kujang, go along Jl Otto Iskandardinata
2. Slide right to stay on Jl Ir H Juanda
3. Turn slightly left into Jl Jendral Sudirman (KM 2.9)
4. Head north to Jl Pemuda and slight left to cross the railway onto Jl Kebon Pedes (5.5)
5. Use the right lane to merge into Jl Baru (Sholeh Iskandar)
6. Pass by Pizza Hut (Yogya Dept Store) – KM 7.9
7. Keep straight until you come to Lotte at the traffic light (9.2)
8. Then follow the rest of the route of ALTERNATIVE 1 (no. 4)

What to take with you:
1. Headlamp/torch
2. Waterproof bag for smartphone
3. LONG HOUNDS: Floating aid (balloon, dry bag, empty water bottles, swimming vest, etc.)

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