Smearing Sustainability Proponents

Smearing Sustainability Proponents

For well over a year now, a Twitter account named ‘Palm Oil Detectives‘ has been smearing various sustainability proponents on social media. Its main target is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (@RSPOtweets), in an attempt to vilify its significant progress towards responsible management by the palm oil industry. The account prides itself on being anonymous (see this tweet/mirror), and even its website contains no information on the identity of the person or persons administering it.

This desperate attempt at avoiding responsibility for claims made is an obvious warning sign that something is very, very wrong with the due diligence of any initiative and its associated accounts!

As ‘Palm Oil Detectives’ considers “publicly available information” fair game to “debunk and destroy“, I’ll apply Palm Oil Detectives’ own standard to expose their links to industries and debunk their lies.

Read more here: Savage Nobles – Palm Oil Detectives

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