sustainable vegetable oils

sustainable vegetable oils

boycotting palm oil would merely shift – rather than counter – losses to rainforests and wildlife caused by agriculture

Bicknell, Slade & Struebig 2018 (The Conversation)

completely boycotting a particular commodity is shallow thinking at its worst

Forum for the Future 2021

it’s currently impossible to produce a novel oil with similar properties to palm or rapeseed oil at anywhere near a viable cost

Forum for the Future 2021

and – ironically for the people pushing against the use of palm oil – palm is the ideal oil to fill those gaps

Fry 2021 (Sustainable Palm Oil Choice)

All agriculture has an impact: bananas, beef, cane sugar, chocolate, coconuts, coffee, pineapples, soybeans, tea and vanilla are all produced in previously forested tropical areas.

Sumatran Orangutan Society et al 2021

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