Rehash #2179 Yes, we have no Gu-ava

Rehash #2179 Yes, we have no Gu-ava

With a massive rainstorm pounding Bogor District in the afternoon, the hopes for a decent run with the #BogorHHH were minimal. However, bound by their secret oath (or their fear of the severe punishment by #Cruella for any no-show) all who had signed up for today’s hash accepted their fate darker than the clouds and arrived on time at the On-Site. But Lady Luck (or perhaps #RainWoman) was kind to them today. The clouds hesitantly broke just prior to the run. One thumbs up for the hares, #DrunkenPanda and #BlackMagicWoman, was in the bag.

Alas, it also meant that DrunkenPanda no longer had an excuse for the poorly laid out-trail through the village (one thumbs-down). And the individual misgivings quickly turned into a choir, chanting: “icing, Icing, ICING”. Once through the village, the track was marked better and better, with only a few more hesitant restarts throughout the first kilometre. Soon the cadence of running feet was interrupted only by the splish-splosh of the endless puddles left after the downpour. Some poor fools tried navigating around these puddles, only to get splashed by their seniors stomping straight through them (a thumbs-up).

The steady slog uphill without any strong check-backs did manage to break up the pack, a thumbs-down. Half a dozen Front Running Bastards (#FRBs) took the lead and dodged the low hanging but still unripe fruits dangling from the trees. All wrapped up like precious gifts… the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch came to mind. (How many swallows does it take to carry a Guava?!?) But I digress, only to be reminded of the clownish act of their upside-down selfie. I bloody nearly slid down the slope head-first, another thumbs-down. When will our hares learn that no matter what, they are responsible for anything that happens on their trails?!?

The point where the out-trail changed to the in-trail was a wee obvious, what with coming up to a road and going down the other side. However, at that point none of the FRB hounds were in a mental state to register the event.

Picking up this rehash well over a week after the event, I must admit the in-trail and the circle are quite a blur. Something about massive rain that blew the beers over and had most scampering for their vehicles comes to mind somehow, But at least we sang on the way home, we sang long and hard: we have no gu-ava today!



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Bogor Hashers Do It In the Rain!

Run No: 2179
Date: 17 November 2020
Time: 16.45 (On time plz)
Place: Koppada bprd , jl Suka Bakti – Tajurhalang Bogor
Short hares : BMW
Long hares : Drunken panda
Travel time : 30 mins from MC.Donald – Giant jl pajajaran bogor.

How to get there :
Rute bersama ,
Dari Masjid Raya Kota Bogor / MC.Donald – Giant pajajaran bogor ke Jl. Suka Bakti lewat Jl. Raya Bogor – Sukabumi/Jl. Raya Pajajaran.
Pinned location;

18 mnt (9,0 km)
18 mnt bila lalu lintas seperti sekarang

1. Ambil arah barat laut di Jl. Raya Bogor – Sukabumi/Jl. Raya Pajajaran menuju Jl. Sambu
2. Putar balik di Jl. Sambu
3. Di bundaran, ambil jalan keluar ke-3 menuju Jl. Siliwangi
4. Keluar bundaran ke Jl. Siliwangi
5. Belok kiri ke Jl. Lawang Gintung
6. Tiba di lokasi: Jl. Lawang Gintung
7. Ambil arah timur laut di Jl. Lawang Gintung menuju Jl. Siliwangi
8. Belok kiri ke Jl. Siliwangi
9. Belok kiri ke Jl. Saleh Danasasmita
10. Belok kanan ke Jl. RE. Soemantadiredja
11. Belok sedikit ke kanan menuju Jl. Suka Bakti
12. Tiba di lokasi: Jl. Suka Bakti , on on site ( plank BHHH sebelah kiri jalan ) , 50 mtr sebelum cijeruk nursery

What to bring
*Dont forget to bring torch/headlamp*raincoat*

On on
Drunken panda

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