Rehash #2190 “Worm Moon Run”

Rehash #2190 “Worm Moon Run”

On Sunday, March 28th the BHHH runners were in for a full moon run at Bogota. The run was scheduled to start at 7 PM but unfortunately, there were a lot of late runners this time. The circle started and #Caveman was the standing master. #Fartacus entered the circle and gave us the details of the run for both the long and short runners. It wasn’t long until all the runners arrived and ready to go.

The short-run started by heading towards a kind of shack. We had a total of 7 people including the two hares, #Dankdut and #Fartacus. It was obviously really dark at that time and most of us sought light from our headlamps or flashlights. Surprisingly enough the run was quite long, a total of 3.18 kilos which took us a little bit over one hour to get back to the On-Site. The track itself was enjoyable to walk through despite the darkness around us. We didn’t cross any local villages and it mostly consists of fields.

Although the track was enjoyable, the short runners did have some trouble with the games that were spread throughout the run. We encountered quite a few back checks and forward checks which resulted in being held back for a few minutes. With that being said, I can say that the games were actually necessary to keep all the runners together. The short runners also managed to reunite with the long runners at some point and from there both groups stuck together until we reached the On-Site.

At the On-Site everybody took a quick break and enjoyed some snacks before the closing circle. We even managed to squeeze in a group photo session in front of the fishers. Right after that, the closing circle was finally started. Once again, #Caveman stepped in and called out the hares. The rest of the runners gave out their opinions and praises on the run. It went by very fast and the hash ended with an ‘On-On’ from the standing master.

Rehashed by #Aidunno

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